image1Amanda Settle. A British expat, a bit of a nomad I’ve lived in Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar and are now in a small village on the Greek island of Rhodes. Living with my husband and our rescue animals: 1 cat from Dubai, 2 cats from Qatar and dog we’ve rescued here on a beach at Christmas.

I left the UK for work and a better life. I was teaching in London, the money was barely enough to live on and I didn’t have time to actually have a life.

I’d always wanted to travel more and decided to just go for it. I had no idea when I got on the plane to Kuwait what it would be like and if I’d be on the next flight home. I met my husband another English nomad and 9 years on I’m hooked on travel.




TBG: What is your blog about?

AS: My blog is about expat life and living on a Greek island.

I share travel pieces about the places we visit, recipe ideas for a healthy life with Greek recipes and international ones. I make and share craft ideas using locally sourced products.

I write about what’s happening here and opinion pieces on the world around us.

TBG: Why did you start your blog?

AS: I first started the blog when we decided to leave Qatar and move to Greece. It was a very mad surreal time and I wanted to share it with family, friends and other expats. I had thought of starting one before but my job prevented it in many ways.

When we first arrived I stopped for a while as we got settled in and found our feet. Then in February this year I fractured my leg and had to stop and rest, that’s when I started up writing again. Now there’s no stopping me!

I write to share and connect with other expats, to help those thinking of joining this mad journey.

TBG: What is one of your most viewed posts you’d like to share with us?

AS: This question got me wondering too so I finally checked out google analytics. The most popular posts this year have been opinion pieces. Many of them have been about what’s been happening in Greece this summer with the financial problems facing us and the refugee crisis.

One of my most popular is encouraging people to visit Greece:

TBG: What was one of the most memorable trips you’ve taken and written about on your blog — and why?

AS: In February we headed to Crete for a romantic break. It was a memorable trip in many ways. Crete was as beautiful as we expected but she also treated us to an amazing sight.

We took a drive up into the white mountains and into the snow line. It was proper deep snow a really memorable experience. Very few visitors get to see the islands in winter they are missing out on a lot.

TBG: What do you like most about blogging about Greece?

AS: Greece has so much to offer, I’m passionate about photography and the light here is amazing.

The sheer diversity of Greece, each island is so different shaped by an amazing history both modern and ancient.

Lastly the people the locals are warm hospitable and always happy to help. The expats are a quirky, slightly crazy, mixed up bunch and the visitors who just love the place.

TBG: Give us one travel tip for those who have not traveled to Greece yet.

AS: My tip is to go off the beaten path. There is so much more to Greece than what you see in the tourist media, just wander off and enjoy.

TBG: Any advice for new bloggers?

AS: Find yourself a blogging buddy, someone who will understand what you’re going through, share the ups and downs and help each other out. Blogging can be a lonely occupation.

TBG: One place in Greece AND in the world you’d love to visit in the future that you have not been to yet.

AS: Currently we are exploring this island and the islands close by but I must admit we’ve never explored Athens it’s on our list to do this winter.

In the world there are so many places I’d still like to visit like the Galapagos Islands and Macchu Picchu but if I could book to go right now I’d like to take a month and tour Europe in a camper van.

TBG: One place in the world AND in Greece you could visit over and over again.

AS: In Greece for us it has to be Rhodes town, we go back regularly to have a mini break, there’s lots of places to stay in the old town and the new one and always something to discover and do.

In the world for me it has to be Sri Lanka a beautiful diverse country, there’s so much to discover and learn about. The climate means you can go at any time of the year and the people were amazing.

TBG: If you could invite five famous people to your fabulous upcoming dinner party — who would make your list?

AS: 1. Dawn French as I love her humour and dinner should be fun

2. Wilfred Thesiger his journeys and experiences across Arabia fascinate me

3. Lawrence Durrell he experienced Rhodes at a very interesting time living alongside the mosque on the harbour

4. Michael Palin I’d like to hear the stories he couldn’t show on the BBC

5. Nelly Bly a pioneer female traveller she went around the world in 172 days in 1890




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