unnamed-1Hi, I’m Dave Briggs of Dave’s Travel Pages!

So, a little bit about myself… I started my first RTW trip back in 1997, and haven’t really stopped since then. Along the way, I have cycled around the world, driven a car around Australia, been a nightclub bouncer in Sweden, picked potatoes in Canada, and a whole bunch of other stuff I would probably have forgotten about if I hadn’t written it down. In fact, that is half of the reason why I decided to keep a travel blog!

unnamedNow, I have been living in Athens since February 2015. Does that make me an ex-pat, digital-nomad, slow traveller, or something else? You decide, but don’t be rude please!

TBG: What is your blog about?

DB: Dave’s Travel Pages has gone through several evolutions. The basic concept, is that I really want to help inspire other people to get out there and have their own adventures. It’s not difficult, it’s not expensive, and anyone can do it. Travel for a day, a month, a year – Just travel! It opens the mind, and is good for the soul. The latest tagline for the blog is “Dave’s Travel Pages – Inspiring Your Travel Adventures. Learn Discover. Explore.”


TBG: Why did you start your blog?

DB: I celebrated my 10 blogiversary a few months ago! It’s been online since March 2005, which possibly makes it one of the oldest travel blogs online.

TBG: What is one of your most viewed posts you’d like to share with us?

DB: I have a few reasonably well viewed posts, but one that I thought I would share is this one about Meteora >> https://www.davestravelpages.com/meteora/  It is a stunning place to visit!

TBG: What was one of the most memorable trips you’ve taken and written about on your blog — and why?

DB: I would say that my two long distance cycling expeditions were the most memorable trips. The first was cycling from England to South Africa, and the second from Alaska to Argentina. Feel free to check them out over on my blog!

TBG: What do you like most about blogging about Greece?

DB: Since I have moved to Greece, I have gradually come to the realisation that the country has more things to see and do than I can manage in a lifetime! Even just seeing all the museums in Athens at the rate of one a week (my current blogging project) will take me more than a year and a half. Did you know that there are over 80 of them?! Add on to that dozens of islands, thousands of beaches, mountains to hike, dirt roads to cycle, and great food, and you can see why I like blogging about it!

TBG: Give us one travel tip for those who have not traveled to Greece yet.

DB: Have a good think about what you want to see, why, and how much time you have. There is a LOT here! I have heard that travel blogs are great sources of travel inspiration and information 🙂

TBG: Any advice for new bloggers?

DB: Wave good-bye to any extra hours you had in your day!

TBG: One place in Greece AND in the world you’d love to visit in the future that you have not been to yet.

DB: I would like to visit Delos in Greece to see the archaeology. Worldwide, I would love the chance to cycle around Iceland. I am toying with the idea of spending a couple of months next year doing that, but let’s see.


TBG: One place in the world AND in Greece you could visit over and over again.

DB: I would definitely like to visit Meteora in Greece again. This times, I would like to do a couple of hikes in the area. Worldwide – New Zealand is an amazing country, and if someone said I had to go back for a third time, I wouldn’t complain much.

TBG: If you could invite five famous people to your fabulous upcoming dinner party — who would make your list?

DB: Nice question! – Sid Vicious, Juliette Lewis, Marcus Aurelius. Eddie Izzard, and Dame Judi Dench.

Bio – Dave Briggs aims to inspire your travel adventures at Dave’s Travel Pages. Learn. Discover. Explore.