Intro:  Meet Jessica who is originally from Madison, Wisconsin and now resides in Glyfada- a seaside suburb of Athens.


TBG: What is your blog about?  

JV: Athens Coast is an informational site about the coastal communities that line the Athens seaside.  From Palaio Faliro all the way down to Sounio, we aim to inform visitors and locals alike about what the areas have to offer.

TBG: Why did you start your blog?  

JV: When I had friends and family visiting, I realized that there was nothing available online in English to inform them about the area.  I also work with people around the world, and when I mention the beach near my house, I have heard many times “Oh, I didn’t know that Athens had beaches”.

I want the world to know how fabulous the Athens Coast is!

TBG: What is one of your most viewed posts you’d like to share with us?

TBG: What was one of the most memorable trips you’ve taken and written about on your blog — and why?

JV: I’m lucky enough to live in the area that I am writing about, so every day really can feel like a vacation!  I love hosting guests and hearing about how much they love the coastal area and how it is different than what they expected (in a positive way).

TBG: What do you like most about blogging about Greece?

JV: I like helping people plan the perfect trip.  I want to inform travellers what the area has to offer so that they can plan accordingly and really enjoy their time.  I also enjoy sharing my articles with people from different parts of the world and as a result, having them add Greece to their bucket-list.

TBG: Give us one travel tip for those who have not traveled to Greece yet.  

JV: Do some research about where to eat and what to eat.  Many taverna menus can look the same, but not all moussaka is created equally!

TBG: Any advice for new bloggers?

JV: I’m a new blogger, so I’ll be happy to read what other people answer for this question 😀

TBG: One place in Greece AND in the world you’d love to visit in the future that you have not been to yet.  

JV: Greece: I have not been to the North Ionian Sea yet, so this summer hopefully I will make it.  Parga and Anti Paxos are on my radar specifically.  World: St Petersburg

TBG: One place in the world AND in Greece you could visit over and over again.  

JV:  Greece: Messinia, Voidokilia beach (near Marathopoli and Gialova)  World: London

TBG: If you could invite five famous people to your fabulous upcoming dinner party — who would make your list?

JV: I’m all about laughter and mischief, so Aziz Ansari, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis, Jennifer Lawrence and John Krasinski