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Olive, Feta & Ouzo is an expat lifestyle blog with an emphasis on travel and food within Greece. Amanda has spent most of her life travelling. She served in the UK armed forces before going to teach in London. After two years of city life Amanda left the UK in 2006 to travel and work as an English teacher. She has lived and worked in Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar and now Greece.

Based on the island of Rhodes since 2013, she started the blog as a way to share the move from Qatar to Greece a country that has captured her heart. She now shares her love of slow travel, getting to know the culture, language, cuisine and people. She is slowly exploring Greece with her husband and finding the quiet out of the way places alongside popular destinations.

Amanda’s latest articles

  • Carnival in Greece: the experience and traditions

    Carnival is a wonderful time to be in Greece. Find out what's going on, the traditions and experiences to expect during the 3 weeks of the festival and see how they celebrate carnival in a small village on the island of Rhodes. The post Carnival in Greece: the experience and traditions appeared first on Olive, Feta & Ouzo. […]

  • Veganuary food for thought

    Veganuary. A different way of looking at the way we fuel our bodies and care for the world around us and how it's given me vegan food for thought. The post Veganuary food for thought appeared first on Olive, Feta & Ouzo. […]

  • Μελομακάρονα Melomakarona recipe

    As they are my favourite Greek Christmas bake I thought I’d share the recipe for melomakarona with you. A Greek honey cookie, soft, spicy and dipped in honey, eaten warm they are amazing. The post Μελομακάρονα Melomakarona recipe appeared first on Olive, Feta & Ouzo. […]