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Travel Greece, Travel Europe blog offers useful tips and insights to help you on your travels throughout Greece and Europe. This blog is a travel blog focused on food, travel and stay experiences across Greece and Europe. Behind the blog is award-winning travel writer and journalist Marissa Tejada, a native New Yorker who has called Athens, Greece home for the past eight years. She started publishing her blog in 2012 as an extra outlet to share her travel insights and photography. Since then it has been recognized as a one of the Top 25 European Travel Blogs.
Tejada is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers, a professional organization of the most influential travel journalists in the industry, the Asian American Journalists Association and she is a co-founder of Travel Bloggers Greece.

Marissa’s latest articles:

  • 4 Cities from Greek Mythology You Can Visit Today

    Greek mythology is a collection of hundreds of tales of gods punishing or aiding mortals, heroes defeating the monsters or saving the city, and beings both man and beast embarking on epic journeys. These are stories that personify the different aspects of man and were used by people in ancient times as a means of explaining the world around them. They are legends with themes and messages that are, to this day, embedded in our stories, architecture, and forms of government. And they are full of cities dedicated to one of the Gods of Olympus. So, are these cities still around for us to visit? Many of them only exist in excavations and can only be visited by use of a DeLorean or a TARDIS (you sci-fi fans know what I’m talking about). However, several of these places are still inhabited, and actively accepting visitors and tourists. While some have changed names, and others have moved slightly from their original sites, these cities are open to exploration by modern Greeks and travelers. If you are planning a visit to one of the cities discussed below, you might want to start your own travel blog. This way, you can show your friends and family, and people all over the world, that Ancient Greece has not completely faded from the map or our hearts. Document your visit to the land of gods and monsters, and reveal to everyone where heroes fought and centaurs roamed. Athens Any discussion of Ancient Greece must begin with Athens. Named for Athena, the patron goddess of wisdom, strategy, and justice, this city of antiquity now serves as the capital for all of Greece. While the city has continued to modernize over the centuries, remnants of its ancient city-state history remain. The Parthenon still stands where it was... Continue Reading The post 4 Cities from Greek Mythology You Can Visit Today appeared first on Travel Greece Travel Europe. […]

  • Spain’s Most Fantasized Locations You Should Check Out 

    Europe is the dream, isn’t it? Maybe not for Europeans but for all those who have not been there. People all around the world would confess their desire to see the lovely streets of Paris, Barcelona, Rome, London, Vatican City, Athens, Ibiza,and countless other locations so much. Of course, Europe has it all. The modernity, the sophistication, the greenery, the environment. Although getting to Europe is not as easy as it used to be, considering the kind of security check systems they have in place at the terminals and checkpoints. However, it still doesn’t stop tourists and visitors from trying to get in.   The First Place to Go:   When you make the trip, you would want to make sure that you start with the most popular and entertaining location first. A few places to consider for a starting point are Spain’s Madrid or Granada. Although not the most favorite first choice, but surely the most recommended one is Madrid’s tour around the city streets. Calle de las Huertas (Street of Gardens), Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun), Calle Carretas (Carretas street), Plaza del Humilladero (Humilladero Square), Calle del León (Street of the Lion), Calle de la Pasa (Street of the Raisins), Plaza de Santa Ana (Saint Anne Square), Segovia Street, Toledo Street and Alcalá Street etc. These make up most of Madrid’s featured sites to visit. Trying out the cuisine in the region is something be excited for and nothing less is to be expected of Madrid’s Huevos Rotos.   Make your way through Spain’s architectural masterpieces and museums, art galleries and scenic views on hillsides and mountaintops. Check out the Sagrada Familia, Alhambra the Moorish Complex and if you want more, go to Ibiza. Filled with nightclubs and beaches making it the one stop shop for entertainment.   Making the Most of Spain For those who have an enthusiasm for art and history, Valencia is a hot spot hosting some of the most appealing historic buildings that capture the essence of Spanish culture. Enjoy the City of Arts and Sciences... Continue Reading The post Spain’s Most Fantasized Locations You Should Check Out  appeared first on Travel Greece Travel Europe. […]

  • A Great Day Trip from Athens

    If you are looking for a great day trip from Athens you can either take a road trip or hop on a ferry.  Here are my recommendations. Top Choices: Great Day Trip from Athens There are dozens of fantastic choices for a great day trip from Athens.  There’s a stretch of coast to explore, beautiful villages to encounter and of course there are those nearby islands. However, a few choices stand out to me as the best. Here’s my list of great day trips from Athens. Delphi Delphi is one of the most popular and most important archeological sites in the country, a worthy day trip from Athens that takes you to a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town sits 100 miles northwest of the Greek capital. It actually sits on a on pine-fringed mountain called Parnassos, which is pretty spectacular.  From here you’re within reach to equally spectacular views of the Gulf of Corinth. Set between the sea and the mountains is where the ancient Greeks built what they believed was the center of their world. A city of sanctuaries where a mystical oracle was located. According to Greek mythology, Zeus sent out two eagles to find where the “navel of the world” was and they ended up in Delphi. Like many places in Greece, there is a fantastic energy here. The ancient Greeks built their sacred temples in Delphi for a reason!  While here, visit the Temple of Apollo. Also check out the Delphi Archeological Museum where you can admire artefacts dating back to the 15th century BC. Highlights at the museum include the Charioteer of Delphi and the Sphinx of Naxos. Nafplio Another great day trip from Athens is Nafplio. Nafplio was the first capital of Greece when it became a country the early 19th century.... Continue Reading The post A Great Day Trip from Athens appeared first on Travel Greece Travel Europe. […]