TBG: What is your blog about?

RK: There are three key narratives I want readers to explore through my blog. Perspective, mini-adventures and learning.

The idea that travel can shift and enrich our perspective is not novel. We all come back from a trip having gained a new angle on a topic, an appreciation for a different cuisine or better vocabulary. Having spent most of my childhood and teenage years as part of an expat family, in 5 different countries, I soon realized that you don’t have to travel far and wide but “deep”, to keep those flashbulbs moments coming. This is where mini-adventures come in. Travel to me is about injecting a sense of wonder, delight and new ideas to our everyday lives and that can be achieved without even leaving your city.

TBG:  Why did you start your blog?

RK: I started the Bachelor of Travel in my second year of university after the name came to me while having a shower. The name is what actually helped me piece together the different aspects that fascinate and excite me about sharing travel adventures and experiences and hopefully that motivates others to do the same.

Now that my first degree is completed and I am about to embark on my postgraduate studies, I am even more convinced of the relevance of the name. Life is a constant journey of learning and growing and the reason I started my blog was to share a few of those things with like-minded people around the world.

As a proud ENFP (Myers Briggs Personality) I am obsessively curious about everything and my blog is the place where I share about the things I learn.

TBG: What is one of your most viewed posts you’d like to share with us?

RK: One of my most viewed posts in the blog, that also surprised me, is ​Around The Philippines: Fruit Edition. ​The Philippines is a county I have been lucky to visit about 5 times, to see my family when they lived there. One day, I sat down with a local. asked him to help me buy some fruits that I wouldn’t know about and tell me about them. My favourite fruit is forever the Mangosteen and you should definitely try it if you ever get the chance!

TBG: What was one of the most memorable trips you’ve taken and written about on your blog — and why?

RK: My most memorable trip is by far the 26 days spent on a container ship, travelling from Singapore to Istanbul through the Suez Canal. It was an intense experience that I had been dreaming about since I was 16 and one that I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to fulfill. The realization of the dream together with the intensity of the experience and the fact that it required more than 6 months of planning made this a trip I’ll never forget.

TBG: What do you like most about blogging about Greece?

RK: I am lucky to be able to write about Greece both on my blog and for my full-time job at Definitely Greece, a family run boutique travel agency. What I love most about it is being able to show a side of Greece that people don’t know about, like winter destinations and the fact that Greece is not just the islands, but the mountains, the people and the rich cultural heritage.

TBG: Give us one travel tip for those who have not traveled to Greece yet.

RK: Make friends with the locals and try to embrace the Greek style of living. Go to the villages and walk around early in the morning and go to the laiki or open market to see how people shop. Have a siesta during the middle of the day and go for dinner late on a summer night. Say yes, to getting up to dance at the taverna with strangers, and sipping raki with Cretan old men. And definitely don’t skip Athens, our capital has so many undiscovered layers for travellers to enjoy.

TBG: Any advice for new bloggers?

RK: As a new travel blogger myself, I would say focus on your passion and voice. People want to know who you are and what makes you unique. Meeting people through my blog and getting to learn about their life experiences and travel adventures is my favourite part.

TBG: One place in Greece AND in the world you’d love to visit in the future that you have not been to yet.

RK: Every corner of Greece has something different to offer and there is no place I wouldn’t want to visit. Recently I have been thinking a lot about a roadtrip around the Peloponnese and seeing Mani and Monemvasia as an adult.

When it comes to the world, a longtime obsession has been Argentina. It is an unexplained longing for a place I have never been to yet feel as though is a part of me. I would love to venture further down to Antarctica by boat as well!

TBG: One place in the world AND in Greece you could visit over and over again.

RK: The island of Crete in the south of Greece and I have a passionate love affair. I try to visit every year when possible. There is something magical about Crete, the food, the hospitality, the people, the relaxed pace of life.

Additionally, Edinburgh in Scotland is a place I could go back to again and again. Ideally not in winter because my fragile Meditteranean bones can’t handle the cold very well.

TBG: If you could invite five famous people to your fabulous upcoming dinner party — who would make your list?

RK: I don’t know that famous people would fit in well sitting on the floor in my cramped apartment and I would much prefer the company of family and friends, but if I had the opportunity to sit down 1on1 with five famous people and talk about life I’d choose: Malala Yousafzai, Stephen Fry, Jullian Assange, Enid Blyton and Emilia Earhart.

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