The Greek island of Sifnos in the Cyclades, with its authentic charm and sense of immense tranquility tops the list of the best greek island for couples. On Sifnos you will be mesmerised by the whitewashed lanes and the hundreds of churches and monasteries which dot the island’s landscape. Enjoy endless walks on the sandy beaches, swim in the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea, savor the renowned local delicacies and simply fall in love.

Photo credit: Semio (Flickr)

Here are a few reasons why Sifnos is the Best Greek Island for Couples 

Greek Boutique Hotels on Sifnos — Where to stay? 

The beauty of Sifnos lies in its traditional flair, the warmth of its people and the richness of the architecture which is highlighted by the diversity of the island’s traditional settlements. Enrich your holiday experience by staying in one of the Greek boutique hotels like Verina, a complex of luxury hotels and villas perched on a hill with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

The impressive panoramic views will simply take your breath away and the spectacular sunsets will create long lasting memories of a romanic holiday in Greece.

The Best Blue Beaches 

Life is better at the beach and Sifnos is known for some of the best blue beaches in the Cyclades. Spend a day soaking in the sun’s rays and cooling off in the azure crystal clear waters. Here are some of the best blue beaches which you might like to visit:

Chrisopigi: Located in the southern part of the island next to the monastery of Chrisopigi. Escape the summer heat on this sandy beach hiding under the shade of the tamarisk trees. For lunch head over to the  traditional taverna set right on the beach.

Saoures: If you are looking for a remote escape then this picturesque beach close to Chrisopigi, is an ideal choice. A quite, pebbly beach is great for those seeking relaxation away from the crowds.

Platys Gialos: Situated on the southern coast of Sifnos, Platys Gialos is one of the longest beaches in the Cyclades. A popular organised beach with shallow waters, sun beds and umbrellas as well as a plethora of restaurants and coffee shops, make this beach an all day stop.

Faros-Fasolou-Glyfo. Not one but three consecutive sandy beaches located in a village on the southern side of the island. The landscape is dotted with white washed churches and an old lighthouse set right on the coast. A great place to enjoy a romantic evening watching the sun set in one of the little restaurants by the seashore.

For hiking lovers 

Photo credit: Elisabetta Stringhi (Flickr)

One of the best ways to explore Sifnos is on foot. Hiking lovers will be surprised by the extensive network of well organised and marked trails which exceed 100 kilometres. Walk the same paths that the island’s villagers have used over the centuries, who knows you might encounter some of their best kept secrets along the way. One thing for sure you will be enchanted by the scenic routes and the incredible vistas overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Famous Pottery Makers 

Sifnos is still known today for its famous pottery makers, a heritage which dates back to 3000 BC. The abundant water supplies, the rich soil and the glazing sun’s rays are some of the vital elements which are used in the making of this ancient craft. Today there are sixteen pottery shops found on Sifnos where the artisans practice their traditional craft.

Sifnos — A foodie island  

One of the first Greek cook books was written by Nicholas Tselementes in 1910, a well known chef from the island of Sifnos. Sifnos is a foodie island so get ready to eat your hearts out while you are on holidays.

Sifnos is an island well known for its ceramics and many of its traditional dishes are still baked in terracotta pots until this day based on the recipes which have been around for centuries. Don’t miss trying the mastello — a staple Sifnos dish made of lamb soaked in red wine, which is then slowly roasted on a bed of vine branches. Another specialty is revithokeftedes which are chickpea fritters made with marjoram and mint. The highlight of a Sunday meal on Sifnos is a chickpeas soup, cooked in a pot with onions and olive oil, and then drizzled with lemon for a refreshing signature taste.

Can you think of a better holiday destination than Sifnos?  We hope that you find our few reasons why Sifnos is the Best Greek Island for Couples useful. Have you been to Sifnos, what did you like best?