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L-R Iliada Kothra and Fotini Kostouli of Living Postcards, Rebecca Hall of Life Beyond Borders Blog, Marissa Tejada and Elena Sergeeva of TBG, Nikos Bakoulis of The Clumsies and Vicky Lazarikou of Tresor Hotels.

A tasting of top Greek wines and a unique personal bartending experience rounded out Travel Bloggers Greece’s most recent event at the new Athens bar, The Clumsies.  The event followed TBG’s first meeting held in January which was a Launch Brunch sponsored by the Grecotel Pallas Athena in Athens.  The launch was covered by local, international and industry press.  Two Greece-based bloggers, Elena Sergeeva who publishes Passion For Greece and Marissa Tejada who publishes My Greece, My Travels are the founders of Travel Bloggers Greece (TBG).

TBG at The Clumsies Greek wine tasting“We put our heads together and thought why not create a professional network to bring together a group of committed bloggers. TBG is a win-win situation for both bloggers who are seeking new experiences to write about and Greece based businesses that want to work with quality bloggers who live here,” said Elena Sergeeva, co-founder of TBG.

At TBG’s February 27th event hosted by The Clumsies, bloggers learned more about the “hot” new Monastiraki bar that prides itself on Greek hospitality and innovative ways to fuse Greek products in their cocktail offerings.  It started out with a wine and food tasting presented by The Clumsies’ co-owner, Nikos Bakoulis.  Then it was followed by a personal bartending experience in a private room located on the upper floor of the historic building. Bakoulis, who is also an award-winning bartender, personally demonstrated the bar’s unique concept when it comes to its cocktail presentation and creation.

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Travel bloggers in action

Travel Bloggers Greece is currently planning its third networking event in Athens and upcoming blogging trips in Greece.

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Private room “The Room” at The Clumsies bar

TBG at The Clumises private room The Room

Elena Sergeeva of Passion for Greece, Nikos Bakoulis of The Clumsies, Marissa Tejada of My Greece, My Travels, Costas Psarros of Tablesalt Blog, and Rebecca hall of Life Beyond Borders Blog.