Even though Greece in more popular for its beaches than its spa centers and therapeutical waters, Spa therapy is not new in Greece as from ancient times, Greeks used water to cure various physical illnesses. Greece has many hot springs and during the last few years there has been an increase in the creation of facilities related to the utilization of hot springs. Modern up-to-date equipment, the use of plant and flower based ingredients and other holistic and thalassotherapeutic practices have brought Greece to the spotlight. Travel Bloggers Greece members have travelled all over Greece and they are here to suggest the best Spa Hotels or hot spring areas in mainland Greece.


Best Spa Resorts and Hot Springs in Greece

Krinides Mud Baths in Greece

Chrysoula of Travelpassionate 

If you’re seeking a new way to relax and detoxify while on holiday in Greece, check out the Krinides mud baths just outside the town of Kavala in northern Greece. The Krinides mud baths are situated in a peaceful, landscaped park which in itself offers a lovely day out, but the whole experience is elevated when you add in the therapeutic clay bath and spring!

Not only are the mud baths relaxing due to the feeling of weightlessness, but they are thought to offer healing qualities for rheumatic conditions, diseases of the nervous system and even some cardiovascular illnesses. All visitors will have a brief check-up with a physician before entering the pool to ensure you are safe and able to enjoy the treatment.

The baths are a balmy 27 degrees consistently which allows you to remain in the baths for long periods of time without getting too hot or cold. Once you have enjoyed the warm mud bath, you will remove most of the clay with a piece of rope before letting some dry on your skin in the sun. After you have given the clay some time to work its magic, you’ll head back to the therapeutic showers to wash off the skin with fresh spring water.

In addition to the mud baths there is also a thermal bath on-site (35 degrees) as well as two rooms for massage and reflexology treatments.

Lagada Loutra

Amber of  Provocolate 

In a suburb of Thessaloniki – so close that you can reach it by public transportation – is one of Greece’s most historic thermal baths. But you’d never know it; the plain municipal building gives nothing away. But, after paying your 6 euros, you’ll be sent to either the Justinian bath or the Mygdonia bath. The two historic pools are used by men or women on alternating days. But you can’t go wrong – they’re both beautiful. The round pools under high domes, surrounded by marble, have cozy 37 degree therapeutic waters about chest deep. While you luxuriate, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate  how incredibly old these baths are. The newer one – the Mygdonia – is from 1400, while waters have been flowing at the Justinian for over a millennium (it dates from 900). While you recall the empires and civilizations that have come and gone throughout the centuries, your skin will become silky and plump and your mood will go from relaxed to completely blissed out. 

You’ll need a bathing suit, towel, and bath shoes. There are no lockers in the changing rooms but you can leave your valuables at the front desk. Massages are available on the site, and so are private whirlpool baths.


Thermae Sylla Spa and Wellness Hotel 

Tzina of Love for Travel

Thermae Sylla Spa is the historical Spa Hotel in Edypsos. The beloved place of Maria Callas, Omar Sharif, Greta Garbo and Onassis is housed in an exquisite historical building dating back to 1897.  Thermae Sylla Spa hotel along with the “Grand Bretagne” of Athens are among the oldest hotels of Greece.

The Thermae Sylla Spa and Wellness Hotel  consists of the old and the new wing. The two wings are connected to each other and comprehend 108 rooms and suites. The famous thermal water springs naturally from the earth and with it the Spa’s two thermal water pools (indoor and outdoor)are filled daily. The water springs at a temperature of 80-85 degrees Celsius and consists of valuable elements such as radon, minerals and trace elements. 

At the Thermae Sylla Spa and Wellness Hotel, the visitor has the opportunity to choose between the relaxation in the thermal water pools, sauna, and various types of massage and rejuvenating therapies as well as yoga, aqua aerobic and exercises in the fully equipped fitness center. 

Whatever you choose you’ll enjoy a unique experience of relaxation and wellness in an amazing environment of discrete luxury that you’ll never forget.


Lake Vouliagmeni

Celeste Tat, Family Experiences Blog 

Family spa and wellness is a relatively new phenomenon in Greece and something I enjoy writing about. Over the past years, I have visited many spa resorts in Greece but not all allow access to children. However, more and more spa & wellness centers, as well as luxury spa hotels understand the need for families to enjoy spa treatments together and the benefits for children. In this blog post I talk about Family Spa & Wellness and listed my six tried and tested favourite kid-friendly spa resorts. 

In Athens, families can visit the thermal waters of Lake Vouliagmeni. This unique natural phenomenon, located only 25 km away from the city, is a thermal lake containing brackish water fed by underground currents seeping through the surrounding mountains. The lake hosts a variety of unique anemones, sponges and the little Garra Rufa fish. These little creatures are also known as Spa fish and famous for being used in fish spas; they exfoliate the skin and offer a massage. Kids will love them! 

The lake is a protected area and sun lotions are not allowed. In summer, it is wise to dress your kids in sun protective swimwear and keep them in the shade. There are plenty of umbrellas and trees around the lake and a soft play area for babies. 

Our swim in the lake was very relaxing and rejuvenating although I expected the waters to be warmer. When we sat down on the side of the lake with our feet in the water, the little fish came nibbling our feet. It was difficult to resist the tickling feeling of the fish at our toes. The lake is deep and only safe for children who master swimming. There are no waves here and there is a lifeguard. More information and tips for an excursion to this special place can be found in my post about Lake Vouliagmeni. 


Loutraki Thermal Spa

Katerina of Limitless Travelling

Not many tourists know that only 80 kilometers from Athens there is a magical place and it comes with thermal springs. This is the seaside resort Loutraki. The beautiful and modern Loutraki is the most famous town in mainland Greece, located on the shores of the Corinth Gulf.

It is famous for its healing thermal springs, has the largest casino in Europe, it has ecologically clean beaches, and a developed tourist infrastructure.

The main attraction of Loutraki is, first of all, its thermal springs. Passing through the rock, the water is filled with trace elements and nutrients that gives its healing properties. The mineral composition of the thermal water in Loutraki does not differ from the famous resort of Vichy in France. Bathing and drinking this water restores the digestive system, heals the heart, cleanses the skin, and has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system.

The main spot in Loutraki, where you can fully enjoy the thermal waters is a large Spa Center, called “Loutraki Thermal Spa”. This SPA center has several pools (outdoor and indoor), a Jacuzzi, sauna and steam baths.

Special medical procedures can be offered at an additional cost and democratic prices will definitely please you.


Pozar Thermal Baths 

Elena of Travel Greece, Travel Europe

One of the most famous hot springs of Greece, the Pozar Thermal Baths are located in the Pella prefecture in the North of Greece. The area draws visitors from all over Greece who come here to enjoy the soothing therapeutic waters as well as other outdoor activities. The Loutra Pozar is a destination of its own, and can be visited at any time of year as the region boasts a delightful array of outdoor activities. In winter visitors can also enjoy the snowy mountain peaks of Mount Voras or Kaimaktsalan

The outdoor waterfall is open all day and is especially magical during the evening hours. Guests can also enjoy a selection of therapeutic treatments and massages. There are several hotels and guesthouses located at a close distance from the Thermal Baths. Visitors staying at Loutraki Aridaia or nearby area can also take numerous day trips to discover the many highlights of Pella region, such as Edessa, Naoussa as well as Vergina, which house the magnificent Royal Tombs where King Philip II was buried. One of the most impressive museums in Greece and the world. 


Greece is a fantastic wellness destination. Have you visited any Spa Resorts or Hot springs in Greece?