Are you responsible for the marketing of a family-friendly destination or travel company? Do you need to raise attention for a family product or are you looking for new ways to reach families? Do you want to work with bloggers, but you can’t find the right one?

In our previous article, we listed 6 reasons why businesses should attract families. In this article we will present some thoughts about how and why you should consider working with family travel bloggers.

Why Working with Family Travel Bloggers

  • Families are an important aspect of the tourism industry and family travel is more resilient than other forms of tourism, as people will always travel to reconnect. There are new family tourism markets emerging and traditional family markets are venturing further and becoming more adventurous. This means that the tourism industry needs to better cater this increasing diversity of the family market in the future. Bloggers specialized in families actively follow the current trends and can play an advising and influencing role.

  • Being parents themselves, family travel bloggers understand the joy and challenges of travelling with children. They know what is good for families by having the first hand experience They know the holiday choice and vacation decision-making patterns as well. Further, parents are very active on parenting social media and have direct channels to the parenting community. Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising and when parents are satisfied they make recommendations to other parents. The opinion of the Family Travel Blogger is trustworthy and he is a direct powerful influencer. Parents like to share their family moments and advice on the internet. It is easy to find parents and to promote a product on those virtual places.  
  • Family Travel Bloggers bring fun to a destination. They are an excited bunch and happy children always produce beautiful photos. Thanks to the children, there are often additional anecdotes to write which make a destination even more alive.

How to choose the right family travel blogger for your project?

There are several ways to choose the right family travel blogger for your business. First of all: visit the blog. Do you like the look and the feel of the blog? Does the blog or influencer fit your brand? Would your target families read the blog? Do the stories and writing style on the blog match your brand? Is the blogger authentic and are the experiences real? When they do sponsored posts, are they sharing a brand’s content in an organic way or does it read like a bad sales pitch?  When choosing a blogger, quality of content is very important.

Do not only look at unique visitors and social media stats, but also look at the blogger’s profile. What about the engagement on the bloggers social media? As mentioned before, parents are loyal to blogs and they are very active on social media. Do many parents like, commend and share their updates? This is important to follow because it can be your brand that the parents are engaging with (or not). Do you like the way the blogger/influencer engages with his or her followers and what is his/her role in the parenting community?

Family travel blogger and destination

Which destination for which family travel blogger? It is important to know your family travel blogger. Some family bloggers have never been camping or visited an all-inclusive resort. The one travels all over the world and the other blogs about a particular city or island. Some family travel bloggers focus on a specific market segment such as luxury or outdoor adventure. Experience in travel writing and with a wide range of family travel products is a must. It’s a win-win situation when a destination or accommodation and a blogger really fit together. This allows the blogger to share genuine experiences with a reader audience who, for those real stories, reads that family travel blog.  

Collaborate with the family travel bloggers of Travel Bloggers Greece

On our members page, you can check the profile of each of the TBG family travel bloggers and their respective focus and niche.  

Family travel bloggers have a different approach than regular travel bloggers; travelling with children goes at a slower pace and require more flexibility. They bring in new energy. In addition to individual trips, family travel bloggers can also go on group trips without their children and write from their family perspective.

If you are a hotel or tour company owner, Read here on how to increase your visibility by working with travel bloggers and contact Travel Bloggers Greece to promote your brand or business online.


This article was written by Celeste Tat, a Dutch professional Family Travel Blogger with 17+ years of experience in Greece in Tourism, Culture, and International Marketing. Celeste has written dozens of real stories and experiences for several websites about her trips around Greece with her kids. 


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