Our Greece based travel bloggers had an opportunity to see their city in a whole new way: by scooting through it.  We were guests of Scooterise, a new alternative tour that gets you on a scooter to see the main sights around the Athens city center.


Kostas explains how to use the trikke


The company, run by the Sarafidis brothers, takes small groups out on nifty little scooters that are easy and fun to use.  From the offices by Acropolis metro, we headed to Hadrian’s Arch, The National Gardens, Zappeio, The Old Olympic Stadium called Kalimarmaro then through the lively streets of Plaka and Monastiraki.

Some members were already pros!



Eley and Kevin, Founders of are becoming pros!


Our Dimitrios is loving the trikke

Some Travel Bloggers Greece members headed for their first Scooterise tour down the coastal seaside of the Athens Riviera. Although it was rainy, we had a great time!  The coast is still gorgeous.


Chrysoula of is loving the ride


Scooterise also works with businesses for corporate team building (a fun activity for a local event or a conference) and offers family discounts.  Small kids are able to scoot with the tour guide.  Scooterise also offers other themed tours via scooter including a museum tour and a foodie tour!


For more information please visit the Scooterise website at: