During a fantastic blogger trip to the North Aegean islands, TBG members saw first hand why Lesvos is a safe and beautiful island to visit.

Several of our members traveled via Aegean Airlines to discover the island of Lesvos.

The trip was organized by a local effort that combined the resources of the Molyvos Tourism Association and The Other Aegean tourism organization.

The full agenda brought us to several areas of Lesvos including Skala Kallonis and a tour of fantastic villages like Aiassos, Jithra, Molyvos, Skala Eressos, Eressos, Vatousa, Asomatos and more.

We also took a guided hike on the breathtaking peaks of Mount Olympus.

Lesvos is also known for its incredible gastronomy and we tried incredible local foods. Plus, the hospitality was super warm and friendly.


You can’t go to Lesvos without trying its local spirit!  We were special guests at the amazing food and even attended a fantastic ouzo themed party at the Eva Distillery where we also toured the ouzo making facilities and visited the museum.

Other highlights included a tour of Mytilene Town, Archaeological Museum of Mytilene, the Byzantine era Castle of Mytilene, walking along the romantic beach of Eressos (the hometown of Sappho), bird watching in the lush Natura 2000 reserve in Skala Kallonis and visiting the Museum of the Petrified Forest.

We want to thank Maria and Giorgos of the Natura Apartments for hosting our stay and making this incredible trip possible.

We also appreciated all of the hospitality, local stories and tours and most of all just meeting the warm and incredibly resilient and fantastic people of Lesvos.