Travel Bloggers Greece, the first blogger networking group established in Greece, held an event on the 27th March at the Herodion Hotel, near the Acropolis, in order to meet business executives.

The event was addressed to business executives of companies related to tourism, transportation, food, clothing, woman’s care, nutrition e.t.c.

During the event, members of Travel Bloggers presented their work and dynamics and informed the business representatives about the ways of collaboration and the benefits of such a partnership.

At the same time, there were discussions on specific actions and collaborations, while particular emphasis was given on the promotion of Greek products and services.

The event ended with the sampling of exceptional dishes served at the Atrium Greek Bistro and a tour of the Bar restaurant Point a offering unparalleled view of the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum.


We would like to thank our sponsors

Herodion Hotel Athens for the venue and catering

The MoJo Athens PR Company

Ellinika Kelaria Red wine and EOS Samou, Psiles Kofres White wine

PRUNIA, Plum and Herb liquor from the island of Skopelos