TBG experienced a lovely Cretan Sunday in Athens for its third networking event. We were invited to attend Alexandros Androulakis’ “Life thrú art” opening exhibition at the Grecotel Pallas Athena hotel in downtown Athens.   The artist, who hails from the Cretan city of Rethymno, explained the inspiration behind his fantastic work that is both colorful and meaningful.  His exhibition runs for another month.





TBG was also invited to sample Cretan hospitality.  The Grecotel went all out with a delicious Cretan buffet brunch. It started out with fresh orange juice and Cretan raki then moved onto several samplings of lovely Greek cheeses, olives and bread.  We all didn’t know what to choose when it came to the full spread of traditional Cretan style dishes that were spread before us.  The choices included octopus stew and even gamopilafo which is a special Cretan risotto served exclusively during weddings on the island.  TBG would like to thank Grecotel Pallas Athena for the lovely time that incorporated two things we love to write about — art and Greek gastronomy.

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